Your diet is very healthy!

It doesn't look like a lot of food, but you did get up at noon, so... Also, doesn't look like enough protein, but again, hard to judge because you got up so late.

How do you make your own yogurt? And what is queso fresco? (recipe).

I am a big fan of dark chocolate... I can only ever find 71% cacao though. I also just love vermicelli.
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Thanks. The cucumber salad had avocado in it. Does that count as protein? Usually I try to eat some nuts and eggs but it is sort of hard when you are not cooking in your own kitchen. I do know that protein is something I do not get enough of. I think I eat more carbohydrates and not enough protein. Lets see if writing down what I eat will change that.

I have a yogurt maker but there are plenty of yogurt recipes on the Internet. You should try it. Homemade yogurt taste so much better than store bought.

Queso fresco means fresh cheese. I like the Mexican brands. It is good for salads. I also melt some on bread and eat with tomatoes and basil. Yummy stuff.

I am lucky. The co-op near me sells dark chocolate made with 88% cacao. I have never seen it any other place. A cube of that is so much more satisfying than a whole bar of commercial chocolate. Even as a kid I hated milk chocolate.
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