avocados are a great source of healthy fat and a bit of fiber - but not a significant source of protien. HTH!

If you're looking for protien - cheese, nuts, legumes are the way to go.

Maybe you can do hummus with your cucumber salad.
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I had queso fresco cheese with my salad and I ate nuts too so I guess I was all right for protein that day.

I am not home this week so it is sort of hard to stick to my normal eating patterns. I am cooking in someone else's kitchen (and this person eats out a lot so I have to go to the deli often to get fruits/vegetables).

Tonight I am making a lentil leek soup. They already let me know that my cooking will be missed when I am gone. LOL

ETA: I made chupe de camorones instead because my friend had a shrimp craving. I drank so much water before the meal that I barely could eat any of it.
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