Ok. I didn't realize the queso fresco is cheese. In that case, you got enough protein that day. And, yeah.. avos are not a significant source. I love avocadoes. I probably have 1/2 to 1 a day! It's sounding like we have the same tastes. I went looking for higher % cacao choc today, but the best I could find was 72% I bought one bar at 72% and another at 70%.

Where can I get a yogurt maker and is it work making the yogurt (cos I don't like doing too much work)?
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When I get home I will check the brand I get. I have not seen this chocolate any where else but if you live in a big city I am sure you can find some. Have you checked any gourmet shops? Are there any French or Mexican stores near you? I know the French (in general) love dark chocolate and some of the best chocolate I have had came from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Yogurt making is easy. I bought an Italian brand (Gemi). I bough it from Amazon.com. You just mix milk with yogurt culture (I use left over yogurt) and pour into the containers. The machine does all of the work.

All of this staying up late is throwing off my eating/sleeping patterns. It is basically making me eat two meals a day because I am not hungry at all. I hope all of this will return to normal when I am at home.
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