Breakfast (9:30 AM)
2 glasses of water
½ cup raspberries
2 Tablespoons heavy cream
Egg omelet (1 egg, 1 cup of loosely packed rice, 2 palm size slices of Edam cheese (parchment paper thin), 3 fingers size Hawaiian bread finger tip size of butter)

(I know that is a lot of food. I did not realize it until I wrote it down. Yep, I suffer from the eyes are bigger than stomach disease and I have no concept of portion control. I hope writing down what I eat will help me overcome this because other than eating too much my diet is healthy (I think))

“Day 1” of resistance exercise (quads, chest, back, and abs).

Lunch (3:30 PM)
3/4 cup of chupe de camorones (3 shrimp and a lot of broth)
Tablespoon of aji

Dinner (8:00 PM)

3/4 cup egg drop soup in a leek and carrot base with noodles

a slice or raisin bread and a pat of butter

handful of raisins
Originally Posted by Cehua
I don't think you're overeating, and would even go so far as saying you might be undereating, but since your metabolism is slow ( was this measured and a fact?), then it's probably all you should be eating.

Do you have an idea of roughly what your macronutrients amount to (grams of protein, carbs and fat) and/or calories?