I don't think you're overeating, and would even go so far as saying you might be undereating, but since your metabolism is slow ( was this measured and a fact?), then it's probably all you should be eating.

Do you have an idea of roughly what your macronutrients amount to (grams of protein, carbs and fat) and/or calories?
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The doctor told me that I am hypothyroid and to increase my exercising and not to overeat. They ran some tests but I do not remember the numbers but they did indicate that I have a slow metabolism. The doctor offered to remove the the left thyroid but although I have insurance that would still cost me a pretty penny so my endocrinologist told me just to monitor it. I have some medication too but it is so darn expensive I stopped taking it. It sucks being a poor graduate student with insurance that barely covers anything.

My endocrinologist is obese. I wonder if he has a thyroid problem. I am going to switch doctors to someone who is fit.....

I eat between 1600 and 1800 calories a day with about 60% carbohydrates, 25% fat, and 15% protein. Yesterday I ate 1876 calories and 50% carbs, 35% fat, and 15% protein. I know that I estimated towards the higher side when I entered the food into FitDay yesterday but still that is a lot. I think I need to cut down on the butter to once a day. I guess I did eat a lot yesterday.

ETA: The endocrinologist told me that people use hypothyroidism as an excuse for their weight gain. He said that if people would just exercise a little more and eat a normal amount of food they will not gain weight. He says the problem starts when they do not exercise. He also said that once you gain the weight and are hypothyroid you may have a harder time loosing the weight. I forget why but I assume it is because of they metabolism. Perhaps he was talking about himself too since he was borderline obese. However, I do feel there is truth in what he said.

ETA: I found an interesting tib-bit on a thyroid website: I have to subtract 200 calories from the daily caloric intake someone of my weight would take if I want to maintain my weight. If I wanted to loose weight I should be taking in 1400 calories a day and to maintain my weight about 1600 calories per day. That is an eye opener. It also recommends 30 minutes of physical activity daily if I do not want to get fat. That part is common sense. There is this whole formula I can post if someone is interested.
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