That other post was become cluttered.

Can someone help me break my food down into four 300 calorie mini-meals and one 200 calorie snack to fit into the ratio below.

The article also says:
Some experts believe that people with hypothyroidism should eat 40% protein/25% fat/35% low glycemic carbohydrates in smaller, 250-300 meals.

40% protein!

How can I increase my protein if I do not eat meat and I do not cook fish every day? I feel that I would have to eat a whole lot of nuts, beans, and eggs to get the protein I would get from one serving of fish. Any suggestions?

And what exactly are low glycemic carbohydrates? Are those good carbs that come from fruits and vegetables?

I have a doctor's appointment next month so I am going to bring this up but in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions?

And for you guys who eat mini-meals (WhoMe?) how do you space it out during the day. Do you have a schedule?

TIA for all of your help. Really appreciate all of the input from all of you who have posted so far.
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