At one time I thought I had a problem with this or another -xane silicone. I recall a Sebastian product that made my hair feel like it had bumps from mid shaft down. I think it might have also felt darn near brittle dry.

Later I thought I had a problem with a high polyquaternium. Again, it could have been another ingredient. This time it was two Bumble & bumble products that made my hair feel the same way, like it had bumps from mid shaft down & brittle dry then too. They didn't contain any -xane silicones.

I don't know if the Sebastian product contained any high polyquaternium.

I used a sun protection product at one point that had some sort of -xane silicone. It didn't make my hair feel dry or rough, but it was heavy, in a greasy sort of way. I think I just used too much & freaked out thinking it was going to build up super quick & not come out. So I got rid of it. It did come out of my hair, in probably the first shampoo.

I never eliminated all same ingredients in other products to find the culprit. I'm not that ___, oh what's the word, dedicated?

I use all sulfates though.


So I'm willing to start from scratch trying out different products.