Ok well a couple of months ago i realized just how hard my college lifestyle had hit me and i knew it was time for some change. I am 5'6" and i stepped on the scale to see it say 146. That was by far the largest i have ever been in my life and i cried immediately. I started watching what i ate and began exercising again. Well i run 5.3 miles at least 4 times week, but almost ALWAYS 5 days a week. Monday through friday i eat a 180 calorie granola bar for breakfast, an apple or nectarine for a snack, a salad or somesort of controlled calorie mean for lunch, and what ever my mom cooks for dinner (usually a salad, a vegetable and chicken, fish or steak). On the weekends i have a realllly hard time keeping to my diet, but MOST of the time i dont entirely let myself go. I am proud to say that i lost weight, but i can't get the last 4 pounds off. My weight varies everyday from about 134-135. I am confused because i feel like i run SOO much and eat relatively well, so what is the problem?! The weight is mostly in my stomach and my love handels. Any advice will help, thanks!
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