I tried it for a week and I must say, I couldn't do it. I ran in my shower day 6 after work and had to shampoo. My scalp just felt icky.
Maybe I was doing it wrong....what I was doing was shampoo gently on day 1 then just do conditioner on day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I know no-poo means NO POO. But I had to start w/a fresh head.
I just didn't like the look of the curls. They looked pretty undefined and not what I'm used to at all...I just put it up in a bun/pony. But it was the feeling of an unclean scalp that made me throw in the towel.
I just recently bought the Ouidad line and that seems to be more of a fit for me...but should I be no-pooing? Did I not give it enough time?
Am I the only one w/that weird icky scalp feeling?