Holy Crap! That sounds like an I Love Lucy episode! LOL! I wasn't going to buy a drum of it because I was afraid of your experience. Is that the same as virgin palm oil? I was looking on the tropical traditions website and they actually had a lot of recipes for using it. After doing a little research it seems that they are used for different things. The Virgin palm oil is used in cooking and the palm kernel oil is used in what you referred to. I found this on them......

"palm oil; palm-kernel oil
The reddish-orange oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the African palm. It's extremely high in saturated fat (78 percent) and has a distinctive flavor that is popular in West African and Brazilian cooking. Palm-kernel oil, though also extremely high in saturated fat, is a different oil extracted from the nut or kernel of palms. It's a yellowish-white color and has a pleasantly mild flavor. Palm-kernel oil is used in the manufacture of margarine and cosmetics. It's usually listed on labels simply as "palm oil"

*Scratches head* This is just too confusing. I'm going to go to my local ethnic market and see if they have just plain palm oil.
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I have the palm-kernel oil. And now I know why when I went searching for it, it was sold in flakes. I would have to melt it down to decant it, it is so frikkin hard. If you go shopping on the ground for the palm oil (red palm) it's also know as dende and used in Brazilian cooking, but make sure it's pure as it's often mixed with regular corn or veggie oil. Better to get it from a reputable web site that sells carrier oils.

where can you buy palm oil?

Seems like I recall reading somewhere that coconut oil is supposed to have some of the same kinds of fatty acids as the ojon.
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You want palm kernel oil? You can buy it from me I've got plenty! Yes, I read that article too. I've tried castor/coconut mix and that has worked. Castor is an excellent oil for pre-pooing or scrunching a tiny bit on my ends, pre- or post-styling
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