Hi Beth-

I think your hair looks great! It is pretty close to when I used to wear my hair natural. Then in my mid 30's my hair texture changed -- I think because of the grey. So the last few years I have been blowdrying it (which takes 40+ minutes) and then flatironing. I did the Bionic straightening 2x, last time 14 months ago and I didn't like it.

So.... I am hoping that maybe I can start wearing it curly without looking like brillo, poof. I want waves, and I have some curls, but I don't want ringlets, want to control the volume and deal with the bad frizz. Not asking for much??

Love the way your hair looks so would you mind elaborating on what you do (I didn't quite get all the abbreviations since I'm new here).

Thanks so much!!

I am brand new to this board so I am not familiar with most of the definitions.

this was after a CO wash w/ suave M/H, jessicurl too shea, honey and too shea mixed as a leave in (teeny bit) and RR/CCSS mix on wet hair, plopped and diffused and finger combed when dry. (Whew, sounds like a lot but still easier than trying to blow it str8!!)