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Can I ask you something else --- see "ploppped" mentioned all the time (and found on this site) a description. Do you do that?Yes And is it better than just letting it dry naturally?I find that it helps encourage my curl pattern and helps gets someof the extra wetness out. It is much easier for me to get ready in the morning(brushmy teeth get dessed put on makeup) with my hair in a towel. I only plopped for about 15-30 mins a day. Not nearly long enough to get all the wetness out. I will let it air dry the rest of the way on most days. I try to scrunch a bit but leave it down while it dries. And the last thing -- I see a lot of people putting honey in some water and using that after they wash but before condition. It isn't sticky or hard to rinse out? No I am thinking the honey wouldn't dissolve that well in the water. But not sure. I make sure I mix the honey in the water by swirling the cup while I am filling it. Sometimes I will give it a swirl with my fingers if it is not coming together. It dissolves really well in my shower temp water. It is not sticky or hard to rinse out once it is dissolved
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