Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but for looser or straighter curls/waves, after washing in the evening I comb my hair & let air dry somewhat. When my hair is almost dry (still slightly damp) I put my hair in a messy bun with a scrunchy on the top of my head and leave it in until the next morning. Yes, I sleep like this. In the morning, I hang my head upside down, carefully remove the scrunchy (a silky scruchy makes this much easier), shake the roots then flip my head upright. If my hair is still a bit damp, I just leave it alone & let it air dry. Otherwise, if I try and mess with it, it frizzes.

I don't know how long your hair is, but I have Bra Strap Lenght (BSL), so this does a nice job for loose waves.

Another thing you could try is braiding your hair when slightly damp and curl up your ends with one of those twisty curler thingies (can't think of the name, lol) or use maybe rags or small rollers at the ends .... just a thought.

Good luck & let us know what you decide to do & how it works!
Now conditioner-less!!! Botticelli 2c, 2b w/2a waves under canopy. Med-thick-BSL-Dk brown hair w/greys-Currently using: Henna, Ida's All Natural Shampoo Bars & herbal/ACV rinses, Shea, Mango & Cocoa butters, oils & aloe. Fave oils are primrose & jojoba.