Thanks for the suggestions -- I'll have to give the scrunchy method a try. Unfortunately braiding never works for me (I also have BSL hair, btw)

Are there any recommendations for products that help to loosen curl? I was considering trying Phytodefrissant or perhaps something from Redken.

The questionable technique I've been using to loosen my curls is as follows -- brush hair after showering, put in a decent amount of Wired, brush again. Blowdry until 90% dry, then put in a bunch more Wired in sections, brush hair and pull resistant parts so they loosen up, finish drying. This seems like a strange way to accomplish the task, and if I don't use enough Wired, this is just a recipe for hair that is extremely frizzy and looks v. dry. I did this last night, slept on it, and have near perfect 2A waves this morning (albeit limp).
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