K-C Curling Custard vs. Ms. Jessie Curly Pudding

I've been loving Kinky curly products...but I want to know if the curly pudding is better or just as good (its more expensive). Which one last longer? What do you guys recommend, what is ur experience?
I think you'll get more bang for your buck with the KCCC. It's very concentrated, and a little goes a long way....literally. There seems to be division among curlies, most either hate it or love it. It took my hair growing out someb before it started working for me. I have the Miss Jessie's CP also, and it's just not worth all the money IMO. I only bought it b/c the PJ in me just had to try it. It didn't do anything all that spectacular for me to pay $40 again. Smooth n Shine Curl activator gel works better, and is certainly more cost effective!
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Honestly, I think both products are overrated, but Miss Jessies far more so than KCCC. At least with KCCC you buy a jar you have it for very long time, it doesn't stink to high heaven and the ingredients are CG. Miss Jessies is not unique. You can shingle with any heavy styler. Do a search on this board for more information (search link at top left next to FAQ). There are many many threads on both these products.
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yes some hate it and some like myself LOVE it. I have used it for the past year and my hair has never been healthier. It seems to have grown a lot. I am gonna do a blow out this weekend and see exactly how much
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KCCC is a miracle...........once you figure out to use it. the consistency is a lil weird at first, it's a gel, but kinda not, so you have to learn how to manipulate it, but once you do it's great!!!

Now as far as Miss jessies curly pudding, I keep intending to try the curly pudding, but jus tnever get around to it, because I always find something else to try whenever i'm in the store to pick it up. I have used the baby buttercreme, and my experience has been so so. I've found that it's best used only as a "refresher." Ya know, when you've done your hair early in the day, come home and don't have time to rewet, redo, etc. or you might have taken a nap and gotten bed hair. It's good for giving you "moisture" and somewhat redefining. Problem is, the ingredient list is pretty bad (petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax, etc.). So be prepared to wash.

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