3c's, how are you wearing your hair today?

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I decided to do a Coil Out today..Quick and Easy...Happy St. Pats Day!!!

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Natural | BC: Sept 4th, 2009 | Curl Type: 3c
Fine | Low Porosity
This is how it looked for Harry Potter 12am showing. I'm not putting a picture up of my hair today. I've already taken a nap on it and it's not happy with that lol.

Originally Posted by Sempath
that is a really cute hairstyle and it looks natural. Is it a wash and go or a twist out style. I am also curious as to what products you used to achieve it.
Last relaxer October 9,2012. My goal is to transition for as long as possible.

Quick updo this morning
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Co-wash: with Suave Naturals Condish
Rinse out
:TRESemme Moisturizing Condish.
DT: EVOO & Honey
Plop (w/t-shirt) hair for 30min than let air dry
Highly Porous Coarse
(+I have a lot of hair & it's thick)
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Ok i know wrong thread ladies but i need help please!! Im newly natural i big chopped 1 month ago and everyone keeps telling me im 3c but i believe im 4a im so confused. This is my hair freshly washed dried with no product or anything just pulled back with a little water your answers would realy help thank you. Attachment 32529 Attachment 32530 Attachment 32531
Originally Posted by TrackStar400
I think 4a

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CG/LOC Method's 3b/3c hair SL-Curly/ Goal-MBL Curly
Weekly Poo/Low Poo: some Shea M Poo.
Weekly Deep Treat-Dermorganic Intensive Hair Masque
Bi-Weekly RO:Tresseme Naturals - V.Smooth/N.Moisture
Daily Leave in:Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Detangler
Daily Oil: Olive Oil & Conut Oil Mix
Daily Styler: Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
Pretty!!!!Lucky 3cs! ) i wish my 3a/3b will be a lil bit tighter :/
I live in Texas and right now the summer is about to get HOT!!! But I pretty much wear my hair like this all day everyday. Always been a ponytail kind of girl anyway, but I would like like to move away from this sometimes.

JuraSiK SaRk


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I am on day ummm 12 I think (should have detangled and washed already but been busy trying to start up my blog and youtube channel and getting back into the Natural Hair community forums etc).

So on days like this I tie it up in a bun . I forgot how much fun it was to actually communicate with people on this forum!

Have a great day!
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I decided to try and work with my second day hair (I almost always wet and condition every morning). I wanted a voluminous top bun, but that's hard to achieve with wet hair, so I decided to try it on dry hair. I smoothed my hair with aloe vera gel and jojoba oil and now I have it in a big bun. It's a little messy looking but that's the look I was going for.
Hair type: Mostly 3C, medium porosity to high porosity depending on the day, dense, fluffy, dry, tangly!

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