Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method

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I have not had my hair cut in 8 months and was thinking of trying the ponytail method today. I think I will.
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Okay, I did it.


Still checking out the results. May be okay. I think.
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wrong thread...sorry!!!

i had posted a computer question in this thread..where's my brain today?

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Has anyone had any success with this method?
layers will add volume to your hair so i think t is better for a fine hair.
about the ponytail method it is not professional
anyway here is few tips
use good shears,the one for hair not the one you use for your eyebrows or nails,maybe you need to invest in a good shears,try to use the method you want in a doll hair or one of your old extensions first and rememeber it take a long time to grow a short bob or bangs!
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If you dont have expierence then I would definately recommend going to a salon.
Originally Posted by wmvbug
How can you get experience if you don't ever try, though?

Originally Posted by Love
easy try any method in your old extensions or doll hair or any hair available or even get a 3 $ ugly extension and use it!
3B and sometimes 3C.
No poo since 9-9-2008
coconut oil,shea butter,olive oil,henna and mayo r my best friends!
finally i am a proud curly head(unfortunately i used to adore straight hair)
Wow. Hmmm. This is making me very curious.
Those layers in the video look better than the ones I got at the salon! Still too chicken to try anything at this point though. Maybe I'll consider this in March or August when my hair is longer.
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I use this method, love it, my hair feels sooo much better and lighter, hardly any length lost either ^^ and no expensive salon trip = love ^^
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3 b/c bsl length ridiculously thick brown curls with blonde highlights

I'm really like my curls but rarely wear my hair fully down as it isn't really styled and tends to go bushy

... really seeking an edgy indie style cut that suits my hair type, but wont make the move till I'm sure its right for me as I have been growing my hair to this point for so long
I know this method! I did it to my hair twice! You tie a tight ponytail at the front of your head. VERY IMPORTANT: what you're cutting will be the length of the shortest layer. So cut it far away from your head. This method will barely take off of the length. It will just give you layers. Cut straight across the ponytail.
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I did this with great success a few days ago. Have great layers now, and I'm really happy with my hair.

I did it on dry hair. I combed it out and then put it in two hair ties, I cut in between.

Make sure all your hair is in the proper place, ie front in the front of the ponytail, back at the back, sides at the sides. It's easiest to do when you do it upside down. Tie your hair at the front, this is important to keep the front layers a little longer. Tie the first tie at about the length you want to take off, in my case about 2 inches from the tips. Tie the second about half an inch above this. Make sure you have your hair tied exactly in the middle, otherwise one side will be shorter than the other.
Now, slowly cut the hair in between the ties. The second tie will keep the hair you just cut neatly together.

After this, flip back, check your hair and if need be, snip off hair that is irregular, or still too long. Do this curl by curl though. You may want to wet and style your hair before you do this, so that you can see how your curls form more easily.

Overall, it took me a few minutes, with great results.
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I do this - just this week as a matter of fact.

I used to spend as much as $300 on getting it cut, and I was never happy with it. No one ever commented differently whether I spent $300 or $0.
(Doing henna and buxus glosses too - much better results than salon!)

I do it wet - I'm afraid if I did it dry it would be far to easy to cut a chunk to short or too long.

Sopping wet ponytail, and draw the holder down to the tip, trim.
I took about an inch and a half off this time becasue I'm trying to get my layers longer, but normally just trim.

Pay close attention to where you put the ponytail, Get someone to help if you can't reach the ends.

Ponytail up front - shorter layers in front.
Ponytail on top - shorter layers on top (most "extreme" layers - makes my hair a bit poofy)
Ponytail in back - don't go as low as you would wear it or you risk a straight-chopped-off look to your tail when dry.

My 3b hides any inconsistencies nicely!
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I thought I'd NEVER type these words....but.....I think I'm about to go try this.

I'm SOOOOOOO nervous!!! Lemme go watch all the videos and read this entire thread again before proceeding....I can't believe I'm about to go try this!!!

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When I donate my 10 inches to Locks of Love this is how we do it at the salon. We did the ponytail chop and were going to cut and style it, but the stylist and I both thought it looked so adorable that we just touched up the stray/odd strands and went with it.

It is an inverted bob, longer in the front and shorter in the back. I'll scan a picture and post on Tuesday (off work until then).

We have cut it this way for the past two chops and will continue to do so.
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I did it last night....

First off, I made a mistake--I made an actual PONYTAIL instead of just combing it all upwards and fastening only the ends with the hair tie.

I wasn't impressed at ALL (NOT b/c it looked bad, but b/c I couldn't tell any difference after I cut it) until I actually put styling product in it and let it fully dry.

I love my hair guy, been going to him for 10+ years, but he tends to leave the top layers too long and the layers don't blend very well. Somehow, when he cuts the layers, he blunts the ends, so I look like I have "shelves" of hair all over, particularly the sides. Does that make sense? But I never complain b/c he tries his best, and at least my hair looks sane when I leave his salon.

But NOW, instead of different-lengthed "shelves" of hair all over, I have a fairly smooth line (contour? if that makes sense)

When I part it in the middle--my ultimate test to see how good curly layers are--I can actually look to either side of me, without having to turn my head!!! I know that sounds ridiculous but only curlies can understand where I'm coming from

I had a HARD time combing all my hair upwards in one piece to cut, b/c it is SOOOO thick and dense. (I agree w/the poster who said her 3b hid any inconsistencies--that's the only reason I didn't complain while I was trying to comb it together to cut it!)

I've just got my phone replaced, but I will post pics later after I get it taken care of.
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Here are the pictures of my ponytail attempt...... I didn't take any photos of the actual process, because as far as actually cutting the's pretty cut-and-dried (hee)

Photo captions from left to right:

1) Before self-cut.....freshly washed and sopping wet.

2) Immediately after cutting.....still wet but not sopping.

3) Front view, damp. It's not that I DIDN'T want to show my face, it's because I have horrible skin issues right now

4) Self-cut.......completely dry with products in.

5) NOTE: This is the amount of hair I took off with the initial cut. The next day, I took off another small amount.....about the same amount.


I would definitely do this again. I like to wear my hair as in pic #3, but I NEVER do because the side layers would be too blunt and I'd have 2 wide pieces of hair on either side of the part. Pic #3 clinched it for me. Before, I 'd never wear my hair w/a center part....heck, I'd hardly even wear it DOWN....because my hair would just completely overpower my small face. NOT a problem now!!!

I also made sure to buy some actual hair-cutting scissors---I got the cheapest I could find @ Walmart for around $11 bucks.

Now that I'm emboldened, I'm going to wait until it gets even longer and and REALLY cut it w/this method, to see what results I'll get.

Until I get better resources around these parts (i.e., salons), I'm using this method......forever!!!

I hope my little experiment helped someone......kudos to the OP for this thread, because this is one of the best things to happen to my hair.
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Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method-self-haircut-before-sopping-wet.jpg   Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method-self-haircut-after.jpg   Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method-self-haircut-after-damp.jpg   Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method-self-haircut-dry.jpg   Cutting own hair into layers with the ponytail method-self-haircut-amount-cut-off.jpg  

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The thing that I don't like about this method is that it does not cut every single hair, unless you have absolutely no layers to begin with or take a decent amount off of the ponytail. And when you don't cut/trim every strand, then it becomes more difficult to know which pieces have been cut and which haven't, leading to split ends and so forth. I've done this method one time and didn't really notice a difference, mainly because I took just a tiny bit off the ponytail and it didn't cut all of my ends.

When I trim, I prefer to do it on dry hair, in sections, piece by piece. That way, I know every strand has been trimmed. When I cut my hair wet, I felt like I had less control of the outcome.
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I did the ponytail method, just like 10 mins ago, it didn't mess my hair up at all. Just not a very big length change.
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I did this a couple days ago after finding this thread! I always had the same problems as Sinistral when getting my hair cut at a salon (shelfy layers and a too-long canopy). I got a salon cut a few months ago, but wasn't pleased with the shelfy layers, as usual.

I positioned the pony tail at the top of my head (thinking I wanted a shorter canopy) and cut at around 11-12 inches (measuring from my scalp to the cutting point on the pony tail). It made quite a difference for me since my top layer was always sort of long.

I definitely have some fine tuning to do, though, due some variances in my curl pattern. I have some 3A near my ears, so that area always ends up longer after a cut; my nape is 3C so that's typically much shorter. I'm looking a little stringy at the moment (more due to my unhealthy hair than the cut), but I plan to trim up the uneven sides and face-framing area, which will hopefully help to disguise the stringy look.

I think next time I will position the pony tail at my forehead, but overall I'm fairly pleased with my results, considering it took me less than 20 minutes and didn't cost a dime!
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