I don't know much about hair paste but when I went shopping through walmart, I stumbled across some and bought some by mistake. Thinking it was deep conditioner, I bought the Healthy Sexy Hair Paste as well as the Garnier Fructis Surf Hair. I bought two hair pastes and don't know what do do with it.

Since I washed my hair an hour ago, I was thinking maybe it could be good to use to hold curls. But I never really hear any ladies using hair paste for curly hair, only gel. Is hair paste the same as like a leave in conditioner or is it more like a gel but in cream form? What's the difference between a pomade and a paste?

What does hair paste do anyway and is it good at defining curls without residue?

[IMG]http://api.ning.com/files/3VhtznFzOvltmqg2yAa*0ZOBrLqOsF0dL8GCUqNFqijJUc9udM Mhxgkh22nE4c9FtiUaTlbLzdzjyMMJdXkVLhthjLyUhQJw/yhst59634452577475_2121_17396983.jpg[/IMG]
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