Curly Hair Won't Curl !! HELP?

I am 19. I have been straightening my hair since September 2009 once every week or two. Lately I have noticed that my curls are changing. They don't return to their bouncy selves. Parts remain straight while others are turning into waves. HELP ! Is there anything I can do to save my curls?

Ps. I was thinking of putting my hair into singles or micro braids to keep them back and prevent me from straightening them? Would this be a good idea?
I've had the same problem for a while now and did something similar to what you do while I transitioned. Unfortunately it sounds like you're suffering from heat damage on those parts of your head; I would know . . I have the same issue. Part of my hair will only get wavy because I did blow outs while I was transitioning and I didn't know much about what it would do to my new growth or the curl pattern. Then I BCed and saw that I had more work to do with only part of my head involving scissors. =/

Now the only thing I can tell you to do is avoid putting a lot of heat on your head and as your hair grows out do trims to that portion of hair and eventually it should curl like the rest of your hair. Protein treatments also help.

Using some sort of heat protectant when you straighten would help with preventing further damage your curl pattern on that part of your hair.

If you have to straighten your hair just get a roller set and sit under a hooded dryer instead of getting it blown out. No extra hot blow driers and say no to flat irons.

Hope this helps.
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I have had heat/chemical/too much dry combing damage and I had to keep trimming my hair a little every month, I also used a lot of deep conditioners and some protein as well.
Yep, sounds like heat damage. Ditto all of the above advice. Protein treatments and trims until that hair is gone from your head.
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