Can't blow dry without frizz!!!

Does anyone have some advice on how to blow dry 3b hair without ending up with frizzy sections? I want to avoid using a straightener, as I'm already using heat with the hair dryer, but after blow drying I usually have to run a straightener over a few frizzy sections of my hair (generally the top layer). I shampoo and condition with Aveda and use Biolage spray on heat protectant. Does anyone have any products/advice on how I can blow out my hair and avoid the straightener after!? Thanks.
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do you use a diffuser? that helps a lot to control frizz, its also better for your hair just use an on/off technique. You put the bowl of the diffuser into your hair then turn it on, and turn it off before going to the next section and repeat
Applying product when hair is sopping wet is a good start. The try plopping (leaning over, laying wet hair into microfiber towel or tshirt and wrapping) for a while (20 min or so). The use the diffuser blow drying method the previous poster explained above.

This method has worked pretty well for me. I can't let my hair air dry, because I lose all my volume and I like my hair kinda big.

Afterwards, if it still looks a tad frizzy, try some shine spray, or smoothing a finishing cream over the top layer.

I may be alone in this....but I think a little bit of frizz in curly hair is ok. When there is absolutely NONE I feel like you get that wet look, which I'm personally not a fan of.
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Thanks, everyone.
I do use a diffuser. I think it's great- I can't blow dry my hair without it. I think you're right Jenny, curly hair is always going to have a bit of friz. It's only natural. I have also tried smoothing creams and shine serums. After blow drying my hair and working product into it (and quickly running a straightener over various portions) it always ends up looking great anyway. Guess I'll have to deal with a little friz.
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This may sound a little nuts to most but it works for me. When I get out of the shower, I apply a leave-in or curl cream mixed with about a quarter sized glob of KY jelly, then mousse or gel, then diffuse. The KY is my HG product. It's really worked to get rid of my frizz.
I also use the pixie girl method. I think that is what it is called anyway... someone posted what it is above.

I keep the blow dryer low and sometimes I even have it on cool and I keep it in one section for about a minute.

I blow dry it until it is about sixty or seventy percent dry because if I dry my hair any more it gets frizzy. If my hair is already frizzy I put a small amount of leave-in in my hair and I usually don't have too much frizz.
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Other products: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam Mousse, LA looks Sport gel, & whatever is cheapest for a frizz serum.

KY jelly?? Haha I'm so interested to try it!
---*Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end*---

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