3b puffy frizz

My hair is naturally curly and its a 3b.
Is mousse bad for my hair? it's tresemme flawless curls mousse.
If it is bad what should I use for my hair that is inexpensive and controlls frizz and makes it less puffy?

Someone told me that i should use a product thats called coconut milk or somthing... what do you guys suggest??
You'll have to play around and see what works for you. My hair is very prone to frizz. Mousse worked fairly well for me but then I experimented with other ideas I read about on these boards. I found that KY jelly immediately tamed my frizz. Apparently my hair loves the glycerin in it. Eventually I started to make homemade flax seed gel. It was particularly effective when I added glycerin and honey.

Do some searches on the boards about frizz. Try some of the ideas - even if they sound silly. You'll find the right product or technique that will click for you. Good luck!
I have 3b hair as well and mousse does not work for me at all. Leaves it stringy and frizzy! The first gel that I started experimenting with is Biolage Gelee. It's 8.99 at Target and you can also buy it at CVS but it's a bit more expensive there. Check it out!
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I have 3b hair as well, and mousse has always worked great. People tell me it shouldn't work as well as it does, actually!
But, I've never tried the Tresemme - I use Suave products.

If you like it, use it! The same thing won't work for everyone!

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I don't know if you're talking about real coconut milk, but if you are my hair loves it. It's protien so don't try it if you're protien sensitive.
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I have 3b hair also and mouse has never worked on my hair. It leaves it straight. I use wraping lotion.

Mz Dija
I also have 3b curls and I have used all of tresemes curl products and loved them. The only reason I stopped using them was because I wanted a more simple regimen. I now am experimenting with more natural products.
I use Herbal essences totally twisted mousse in my hair and don't have too much frizz. You have to experiment, tresemme makes me frizzy.

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