Omg!!my poor baby's hair fell out!!

i feel so depressed like its all my im a bad parent. my 1 and half year old daughter just handed her father a couple locks..then i discover she's lost a handful of hair. idk what happened..this is what i did with her hair today..

used burts bees avocado butter for a few min.
(just bought this last week)

shampoo'd with our usual sulfate free organic shampoo mixed with water and suave coconut

used a drop of the avocado butter mixed with a little shea moisture leave in (always used shea moisture)

did about 12 or more finger roll twist things..
hours later many of the twists in the middle of her head were hanging on a few strands!! and one around her hairline as well!!

i undid them immediately and shampoo'd again cuz her father and i kept making random guesses about what the culprit was..the only thing we could think of was maybe it was the avocado butter since that is new..

but i dont understand cuz ive used that on her the very first day tho i didnt use it for styling just as a pre poo. but if she was allergic or whatever wouldnt something have happened then? and wouldnt it have fell out from the root today? she has a patch still

my husband says maybe its bcuz i actually left it on.

then we thought maybe it was the finger roll things being too heavy or something. i do the same thing when i wash it so it wont frizz then i take it out when it dries. but today i did put more than usual cuz i wanted it to be a style today.

alopecia..that would be from the root right?? i have no idea all i kno is i feel terrible even tho she's still happy w/o a care in the world. my kids are all under 3 and this is probably the first MAJOR event thats happened to them.
PLEASE leave comments of what sounds rational..i gotta find a good ibuprofen and a quiet place in the meantime..

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Sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter.

You shouldn’t feel like it’s your fault because you didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t put any damaging chemicals in her hair and you wasn’t to know that this would happen.

Are you sure that she wasn't pulling her hair as she was playing? That seems like a likely explanation, especially since she handed the hair to your husband. If the hair fell out without her pulling at it she probably wouldn't have noticed it.

You may want to consider taking her to a doctor for a check up.

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Yeah, I'd take her to the doctor first, and then worry about the hair products. Maybe take those products to the doc to see if there's anything of concern in them.

If there's no medical reason, then I have no idea why your child's hair would fall out from one day to the next in clumps.
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I would take her to the doctor to get it checked out. It could be something really simple (like her actually pulling her hair out) but it's good to be safe.
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i figured that i should be the products to the doc..they are natural but then again i dont kno what her allergies are..shes only been alive 17 months..but it does seem more of broken off sorta thing rather than a shedding or reaction wasnt shedding or anything felt strong like it always is. and it was only that one area. so she may have pulled it..if so..i have no idea where the strength came from or how she sat and endured that..

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