Hair typing help: 3a, 3b or both?


Posted these pics on the introductions section as well, wondering what I might be...I keep getting varying results depending on the conditioner I use in my CO-wash and how long I let it sit before scrubbing & rinsing AND whether I manage to keep me hands off my hair while it's drying

Also, the hair on the left side of my head seems to curl better than the locks on the right side (the last picture), which some times turn out just wimpy and odd. Thinking it could be due to damage (bleached my hair last year before dying it purple, the right side of my hair probably took it harder than the left) or lack of protein. Hope to find a cure some day *sigh*
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Hair typing help: 3a, 3b or both?-kuva-otettu-13.04.2011-klo-22.17.jpg   Hair typing help: 3a, 3b or both?-kuva-otettu-13.04.2011-klo-22.17-2.jpg   Hair typing help: 3a, 3b or both?-kuva-otettu-13.04.2011-klo-22.19.jpg  
3A all the way.

-Mostly 3A, though wavy if not enough moisture (like when I lived in CO.).
-High dew point gives large ringlets, though smaller & tighter coils at neck.
-Med. texture, high density, normally porous?
-sulfate free, silicone free baby!
-searching for good stylers (but can't purchase living in China! must wait till summers to buy in US)
I agree, 3a! I don't see any 3b at all. Maybe a little bit of 2c on the looser side (my left side seems to curl better, too!).

3a (
with 3b)
Fine texture/
Normal porosity/Medium density
Low Poo
(Aveda's damage remedy); Styling: Aveda's: Color Conserve Daily leave in+ Be Curly Style Prep+ Phomollient (mixed w/ Defining Whip)
Finishing: Aveda's Texturizing Creme or Defining Whip; Eufora Pure Polish Drops
Aveda's Madder Root condish+Clove condish

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