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Hello all,

I'm newly CG--in my 2nd week, and I love it. After some initial problems with limp hair (solved with clarifying to get rid of build-up and an awesome protein treatment) I'm doing ok. But I have a continued problem with the front top sections of my hair. While most of my hair forms lovely, thick, corkscrew and boticelli curls, those problem sections upfront have a much looser curl. Is there anything I can do to gently encourage them to spring up?
My 'bangs' for want of a better description of the front parts that are growing out, have the same issue. I usually try to 'set' them so that they curl better. I just twirl individual clumps around my finger, hold for a second and release--this is after I put in my gel. Then I clip up the roots and let air dry or sometimes diffuse briefly to set them a bit, mainly if I don't have time to let them air dry. Diffusing also seems to draw them up into tighter ringlets, however, it can also mess them up if I'm not careful. As they've gotten longer, I find that I sometimes need a duckbill clip to keep them out of my face as they dry. It can be challenging to clip them up with the root clips in as well. I assure you, I look ridiculous while my hair is drying, but my family is used to the madness.
3a/3b growing out, CG 01/2011, medium texture, normal porosity/elasticity (LCLF)

Cowash-vo5/Sauve, RO-GVP Condish Balm/ION Effective Care, LI- AOHR/GVP condish balm w/drop of honey, styler-AG:Recoil, Gel-LALSG, BRHG
Thanks for the tip! I'll give the "set-and-clip" a try! I'm having a great hair day today...except for ONE section that's flat and wavy (not curly). ARGH! Thanks!

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