Have Any 3c's Made It to Waist Length??

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I'm finally at honest to goodness shoulder length dry. It grazes the tops of my shoulders!

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Originally Posted by rolltidegal
That's really good to hear! I can't wait till my curl hair touches my shoulders. When I had a relaxer, my hair just barely reached my shoulders, and the ends were always damaged. If I stretch my culrs now, they're about that same length.

I know once they reach that length curly, my hair will be longer stretched than it has ever been in my life. Oh, if only I could get a glimpse into the future, just to see what my hair will be like... Oh well. Patience is a virtue.

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i'm on the same boat too...i actually recently cut my hair. I still had relaxed end and got on this kick where i just wanted short hair. I cut it, i love it BUT now that i have this curly hair and none of that damaged relaxes hair I cant wait to see what it would look like long! I would love waist length hair but i just don't think thats too realistic but I'm going to try. I'd love to at least have BSL Curly hair, which is probably waist length when stretched. That is my dream. But I doubt hat will happen. My hair usually doesn't grow more than right past my collarbones. but again that was when i was relaxing it..its healthier now..so i can hope
It's deffinatly possible for you to get to waist legnth, but its gonna take patience. Right now im at bsl in the back and apl in the front. My goal is to get to waist legnth as well. Good luck on your journey!
I second erinbrit's comment. It's definitely possible to get your hair down to your waist so long as you retain it's length. Don't give up!!

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This is my goal! My hair is shoulder length curly and just below BSL while straight. My hair shrinks terribly so I'm hoping for waist length straight.
I'm hopping on the bandwagon too. Hair is just past shoulder length when straight and shrinks up to the base of my neck when curly. I'm happy with my current growth rate though. I went from ear length to just past shoulder length - when straightened - in 6 months. I'm hoping to get to BSL (when straight) in the next year. Hopefully at that length it will reach my shoulders when curly. I'd be okay with that. I'm already having a bit of a struggle with it at this length cuz it's so thick. GL to all.
Still figuring out my hair so these are just guesses :
3c, medium texture, normal porosity, thick density
Current products:
Shampoo - KeraCare Sulfate-free Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
Moisturizer - Pro-Line Comb Thru Softener, Tresemme Flawless Curls Hydration Lotion Creme
Styler/Finisher - Tresemme Flawless Curls Mousse
Mid-week Conditioner/Leave-in - Tresemme Flawless Curls Vitamin B1 Conditioner
DT - Organic Coconut Oil left in overnight, Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil
I'll join you! I'm MBL now, and below shoulder length when wet. I'm shooting for waist length by December, and TBL by next December.
3c/4a, low porosity
Detangler: Whole leaf AVJ
Shampoo: Kinky Curly Come Clean
Rinse Out Conditioners: Trader Joe Nourish Spa or V05 MM
Leave In Conditioner: KCKT, Elucence MB
Deep Conditioner: Add honey and olive oil to any conditioner
Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root or Amla Heavy Oil
Stylers: Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Eco Custard (eco styler gel + olive oil), Jane Carter Curl Cream
Oils: Olive, jojoba, coconut
Butters: NONE!
I have 3b/3c hair and my hair is probably about 1/2 an inch past my bra strap when it's wet/damp. But when it dries its like an inch above my bra strap. So yeah I think it's possible but it might take a really really long time to get it there. So good luck and I hope you get there
Originally Posted by lawlzdinosaur
I'm having that same little problem. My hair is few inches past my bra strap when wet but when dry a few inches above. Hopefully for December of this year it would look at bra strap length. 

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I think it depends on how your hair curls. My hair is currently a bit past my shoulders when curly, but is maybe two or three inches past my armpits when straightened (so it's at my boobs right now).

But then, the front of my hair acts funky. It only curls at the ends. The rest of my hair is wavy and then does a cute little curl at the end. So my hair tends to hang better. When I actually take the time to detangle my hair, all of it is maybe an inch or two past my shoulders when dry.

I've been growing my hair out for two years, but I got a really bad haircut (she cut off INCHES) so my hair is growing out again. I think if it was left alone I would've been BSL by now.
Right now i'm approaching my BC anniversary at the end of August. And I will hopefully *fingerscrossed* be at 6 inches at the end of this month. I'm just happy that I've retained all my length for the year, and I have no splits. I never knew my hair was this strong w/o a relaxer. Even my BF commented on how strong my hair is, what guy would notice that lol. If I keep this up I think I'll be at tailbone length in 2015...it's so far away but a girl can daydream lol

Also my shrinkage is getting less and less every month. So I think I might be able to reach waist length dry and tailbone straight...we'll see in 2015 lol
BC ~ August 2010 ~ GOAL ~ hip/tail bone length
Current Length: 12 inches
3b/3c VERY naturally porous hair

My hair grows fast (nearly an inch a month last I checked) but my shrinkage is terrible. This thread is relevant to my interests...
Hey guys! Just thought I would come and give a quick update. My hair has been doing really well lately. I started using eco styler in my routine and I'm really liking it so far. I kind of did a hair experiment today with a new combination of products.

Here is the link to my blog post showing what my hair looks like today. Check it out and leave comments, letting me know what you think! Aaliyah Lanae: Pictures of the Day

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I'm a 3c/4a mix and BSL now. I've always wanted to be MBL, ya know just below the booby So I am with you guys! To waist length we go! Or in my case mid back/ waist length and APL curly!
i dream of having waist length hair!
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goal hair length- waist length
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I recently reached mid back lenght. Realky excited for that, but when its drys it shrinks like almost 2 inches above bra strap lenght:’(

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My longest layer is tailbone length and my shortest is waist length. This is when wet. However, it shrinks to either BSL or a little past. Just depends on the day.

I've been cutting a quarter inch every time I deep condition now that its been warm. So that's once every week or two. The only time I don't cut it is when its cold. I think its been this length for almost two years. But, my fotki has pics of it (not current) and I think in those pics it was tailbone length (could be wrong).

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Im a little below BSL and 5'9" so it appears my hair is much longer. I'd like to be WL too but it just seems so far away! My hair curly shrinks to shoulder length and I'd like it to be APL curly.
Natural since 2001
curl type: fine 3c with some 4a
length: between bsl-mbl (goal wl by 1/2012)
low-poo: giovanni 50:50 hydrating-clarifying
condish: giovanni smooth as silk
oil: unrefined organic coconut oil
stylers: curl junkie aloe fix gel , eco-styler protein gel
*spritz with filtered water and aloe vera juice to revive curls

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I think my ideal dry length would be just past my boobs. I think my curls would be so pretty at that length!! I just had my six month anniversary of my BC and I'm really happy with where my hair is. Right now, my longest layers are about two or two and a half inches longer than my hair ever reached with a relaxer! I literally screamed when I realized how much it's grown! I can't wait to see where my hair will be when I reach one full year.

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I'm aiming for waist length or hip length when straight (although I never wear it straight). My hair is of two different lengths - the back is short and near APL I think, while the front and sides are below APL and touch my shoulders when dry. I originally got it cut this way because the back touching my neck irritated the sh-- out of me in summer (ha!) and naturally my hair has a 'shelf' look to it. I'm still trying to get used to the feel of longer hair when I stretch out my hair. If my hair could touch the middle of my back when in it's loosest style (flat twist-out), then I'd be happy.
Hair type: 3c/4a, fine, dense, low porosity, color treated.

Low poo: Suave cowash once a week, DC weekly, protein treatment bi-weekly. Shampoo every few weeks with AO Swimmer's Shampoo. Minimal build-up due to product choice.

Favorite product(s): Coconut oil, peppermint oil, Organix and Shea Moisture conditioners.

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i want waist length hair SOO bad!

@ naturallycurllyennovy.. I'm just in awe of your hair! how long di it take you to grow that long?

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