extremely dry frizzy hair - help!

help my hair has been soooo dry and frizzy the past month. i have tried numerous leave in conditioner treatments and oils and nothing is working. i have done the curly girl method before but i always switch on and off and lately i am using redken products (smooth down and butter) and garnier fructis all natural gel. i need a good list of sulfate free products and a regimen of how to use them. do i need silicone free as well? my hair is very coarse and thick and dry and gets frizzy at times. thanks
I think you need to be consistent with a sulfate free routine before you can get results. If you keep going back to sulfates/lots of chemicals your hair won't fully recover.
The more moisturized your hair is, the less frizzy it should be. Maybe use a sulfate free shampoo, and eventually use it less often with co-washes in between. My favorite sulfate free shampoo is Trader Joe's Citrus. Its super cheap and it doesn't get very sudsy so it won't dry out your hair. My favorite conditioner aside from Devacurl conditioner is the Trader Joe's Moisture. Its seriously amazing, and cheap enough to try and not regret if you don't like it. Its very moisturizing and adds a lot of slip to untangle the curls and let them form naturally. I like to rinse it out and put a little more in as a leave in under gel.
My all time favorite gel is the LA Sport Looks blue gel, you can find it at drugstores. It sounds a little silly, but it has great hold that can be scrunched out after the hair has dried. Lots of other people on this site use that gel too and seem to love it!
I hope this helps. If you try some CG products, just try to give your hair time to adjust and recover
I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it helps strenghten the hair that's prone to breakage, splitting or snapping off, gently smoothes the hair and form a protective mist on surface against heat damage, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent further damage, leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient and provides heat protection against electronic hair tools. It works pretty amazing.
Have you tried Sabino's Lök & Blök? Because it is silicone based, it truly locks out the humidity, allowing you to have straight, frizz-free hair. Sabino Lok and Blok formerly Moisture Block | Anti Frizzy & Frizzy Hair Product
Cutting out the sulfates will definitely eliminate frizz but not overnight. Once you get rid of that and do some serious moisturizing, you should see a difference. I personally use cones, but that's totally each person's choice. Try conditioning your hair with something that contains stearyl or cetyl alcohol as the second or third ingredient. These alcohols are moisturizing and add ' slip' to conditioners, which makes it easier for us to detangle and prevents breakage. If you don't mind cones try finding something with a cone in the top 3 ingredients also. This helps seal in moisture and control frizz. Another way I keep my hair moisturized is leaving in all the conditioner and spraying 50:50 water: vegatanle glycerin (honey also works) in my hair after detangling. But beware of veggie glycerin, it only works if your in a humid climate. Please don't use it if you live in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, or anywhere in that area, your hair will be a mess and you'll come after me. Hope your hair feels better soon!

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