My Hair is Dirving Me Crazy! Please Help!

3B hair:

So, I've been " natural " for atleast 7 months now( well i straightened it maybe 4 or 5 times inbetween for special events ) and still nothing. I thought for awhile that was hair was getting better. I roots were curling up and it started growing longer. Then I brushed it out one day and since then . . I have curly roots and straight everything else. I didn't use a regular soft bristle brush. I used the ones that look like a comb and brushed mixed together.

I've tried deep conditioning, not straightening it anymore, many different vitamins, different hair products. They all seem to work for maybe a week or two then I'm right back to struggling. And putting my hair into any kind of scrunchie or clip just takes the curls right back out of my hair. Brushing and combing too. I'm at a complete dead end and I'm ready to give up.

Does anyone have a miracle for me ?
You have to stop straightening the hair completely. Also no brushing or combing. The only combing you should do is finger combing in the shower while conditioner is in your hair and then that's it.
Then scrunch the excess water out with your hand and wrap your hair in a T-shirt for 10 minutes then remove the T-shirt and use a diffuser with the hair upside down on low setting for 15-20 minutes.
When you straightened your hair, did you use a CG heat protectant? I've been looking for one but have had no luck and dont want to give up with the method! I straightened my hair once with cones, then shampooed it all out ... alteast I THINK all of its out :s... anyways, now it's not as soft as it was before i straightened it.

And yah, don't EVER brush you're hair, since I've stopped, my hair has gone from a frizzy ball of dry fluff to gorgeous curls... ya know, until now

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