Ugh! What hair type is this!

I know u guys are tired of these what hair type am I stuff but im stumped.. I think im 3c.. I don't have any new pics right now but I will post what I have... im real basic with my hair... co wash with vo5 moisture milk, then leave suave naturals as a leave in. If I need more hold I use aloe gel or olive oil eco styler... I use JoJoba oil also...
Ugh! What hair type is this!-uploadfromtaptalk1310469032698.jpg
This is me @ work.. co worker put dum dums in my hair cause I asked a dumb question..

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Thank you! Im still learning to love my curls. One thing I need to get used to ppl touching them thinking they are fake. I have to find a nice way to say DON'T TOUCH ME!

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Thank u! I hopefully will post more pics soon!

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would say 3c/4a with a more silky texture.
3c. Looks just like Gloria Reuben's hair - she was the 3c celebrity example on NC at some point.
Medium-length 3b/c
Wow! I just looked up her name on Google and my hair is just like hers! That is the first time I seen curls like mine.. I'm beeming right now.. I get alot of rude comments about my hair from family/friends and I'm starting to
think its jealousy (I'm the only natural one)...
Thank you so much!
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