Curly pixie?

I have thick, 3a hair that goes about an inch past my shoulders. (If I pull it back for more than half an hour, it turns into 2b-ish hair- but a super poofy mass of it.) While I do love my hair, I really, really want a short pixie cut, something like Audrey Tatou's curly pixie. I love the look of her hair, and I really don't look forward to having to deal with my loads of hair every day when high school starts in the fall. Can this work for me? Do any of you have curly pixies? Are they easier to manage than long hair? Thanks!
I really want to get a pixie cut too! I'm hoping it will lose some of it's curl (even though I love it!) because I don't want it to look strange...

I have 3a hair with bits of 3b mixed in. I have a round face. I hope that works. Does anybody know?

What is your face shape, Gracidea?

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