How do you manage your hair if you swim in a pool

I've got access to a pool this summer and braid my hair but not sure how to control frizz. Probably need something very moisturizing?
The most important thing I learned about it is washing you hair as soon as possible after leaving the pool. I didn't do it last time I was swimming at the pool and my poor hair turned terrible
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Saturate your hair with water and apply a cone-free conditioner prior to getting into the pool. This will keep your hair from absorbing pool water. When you get out, do a co-wash to cleanse.

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I swim at least 5 times a week. I wet my hair with tap water and apply a conditioner. I wear a cap, but my hair still gets wet in areas, so when I am out of the pool I rinse and condition again. Doing this will keep your hair healthy, and if the hair is saturated, it will not absorb as much chlorinated water. Doing a deep condition and using PT helps me a lot.
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Routine now is Jessicurl Cream Wash, Too Shea (also as a LI), Rocking Ringlets and Confident Curls (Really love this line!) Using Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Pomade as a sealer (great stuff)!!.
Sleep overnight in CJ Repair Me & Deep Fix for deep conditioning. Also, I like the CJ Honey Butta as a LI/styler.

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