Airplane hair!

I have shoulder length 3A hair with some 2 mixed in. I'm flying nine and a half hours and I need ideas as to what to do with my hair. Normally I wouldn't care but my boyfriend - who I haven't seen in awhile - is picking me up at the airport and I want to look reasonably cute.

I've accepted that the flight will pull all the curl out of my hair. I'm pretty uncoordinated so no tricky styles pleas. Thanks so much!
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I just recently flew for that long as well and have 3a type hair. I wasn't going to see my boyfriend but still didn't want to look ridiculous. What I did was braid my hair low, on the side, with a side part (since that's what my part does naturally). If you want to wear it down I would run to the bathroom quick and scrunch it with some water to bring the curl back and spritz with some hairspray or sprunch spray. Have a good flight!
Could you wash it and braid it to make "beach waves"?
That way, you could just leave it braided overnight and on the flight, then just quickly pull out the braids in a bathroom or something before you see him. HTH!
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