UGH Summer Heat makes my hair MELT!

First off I am currently enduring summer in the midst of HELL aka Florida. It's horribly hot and humid this time of year. I got recommended by my salon stylist to use clear gel in my hair. I immediately went home and applied some after my shower and diffusing session. Needless to say it was an utter and complete disaster. I went outside for about ten minutes and I started sweating and my GEL melting right off my head to a pool of yucky sticky goo around my shoulders and neck. DISGUSTING. :P

Anyone have any great clear gel alternatives? Just to let you know, I cowash every day.

(Also I have a very sensitive scalp)

what type of hair do you have? What are you trying to accomplish with the gel - hold? fight frizz?

What other products do you use in your hair with the gel?
3B curls
Medium texture
Normal elasticity
High porosity

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