Keeping Hair in Perfect Condition?

OK so recently I have been putting a lot of conditioner on my hair. My hair is reacting to it in a wonderful way! It's softer, easier to untangle, and even a bit more defined. But my question to you is- how can I keep this up without emptying out my wallet? If their is no way possible to do so- are there any other treatments you suggest or are there some really good conditioners out there that will do the same justice to my hair but in a small amount instead of using more than three handfuls? My hair type is 3b but sometimes when I put a lot of conditioner it becomes 3a. Oh! I also have some wavy/straight strands (if that's possible). I don't really eat much protein filled foods. I know I should but I hate meat, eggs bore me, and I've hated peanuts all my life. Please write soon. Thank you for answering in advance!


I would invest in some vitamins. Maxihair works pretty well for some of us around here and they are very cheap (under $10).
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Vitamins will help. But from what I'v eread, they will help your new hair grow healthier. They can't help existing hair since it's dead and doesn't receive nutrition from the body.

For the dry hair you have now (which is beautiful btw), you still need moisture. What conditioner are you using? Since you need so much, maybe you can find a cheap drugstore brand so it doesn't cost as much to use a lot.

Another thing to try is regular (I suggest weekly) deep conditioning treatments. Sometimes this helps the hair with moisture so you will need less LI.
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I have noticed that conditioner really helps my hair too, but what I have been doing is use suave conditioner which is cheap lol. after I rinse it out I use a kinky kurls leave-in cond and a little of styling cream and that's my routine hope info helps u

For the dry hair you have now (which is beautiful btw), you still need moisture.
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What conditioner are you using right now? I'm assuming something really light and watery since you have to use so much of it.

I've had pretty good luck with GVP conditioning balm, which is about $6 a bottle. It's really thick (too thick for me to use on a regular basis in the summer) and moisturizes pretty well. You can also try mixing your rinse out conditioner with honey or agave nectar, which most people either love or hate.

If you're worried about your protein intake, take a look at this site: Protein - High-Protein Foods and Amount of Protein in Each Food
There's a ton of foods besides meat, eggs, and peanuts that you can eat. Like bliss611 said, keep in mind that any changes to your diet or vitamins you take won't do anything to the condition of the hair you already have, but it might improve the quality of the hair that grows while you're on said diet/vitamins.
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