Curly Questions (Type & Cut)

Hello my curly lovelies!

I've always had natural hair (my mom scared me away from relaxers), but I've always straightened my hair until the past few year or so. I think my hair is somewhere between 3b-4a, or a mix. Not too sure. I Co wash with Kinky Curly Knot Today and use Mixed Chicks leave in.

But I have a few questions...

1. What hair type am I really?

2. I'm considering getting a cut. Will a deva cut or long layers work better... I straighten my hair a few weeks in the year and want it to have a nice shape when curly, but not look crazy when I straighten it

3. I've also considered a keratin treatment to tame some frizz and make my hair more manageable. Has anyone that has done this experienced curl loss? I just want my frizz gone but keep my curls.

Any help/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Hey gorgeous!
You definitely seem like a 3b/c hair type.
As for the haircut, go for the devacut. I was nervous about getting any kind of haircut when k discovered my curls, but after having my first devacut I'm sold.
The go in and cut at the individual curl, which keeps your curl pattern intact among other things.
Most places will ask what kind of devacut you and tailor it to his you'll wear your hair. Meaning my stylist asked if I primarily wear my hair straight or curly, even though I was wearing it curly.

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