HELP! What am I?

I am not sure what hair type I am I need some help.
These are the triats I have:

2a: Fine, thin; easily straightened or curled
2b: has a tendency to frizz
3a: Curls are naturally big, loose and usually very shiny. There is a definite loopy "S" pattern. Lot of body.

Thank you for any help!
???you just named your hair types lol

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CG..yep that's me!

it just seems like most of the curly folks on here have an exact type. I seems to have traits from 3 different hair types. So I guess i was looking for more of detailed example of what I am. I just decided to go natural and not comb out/straighten my curls so I am new to the whole curl lifestyle and still trying to figure out what type of products I need.
some of my curls do spiral and some are definate "S" waves. But I think the longer I live curly the more my hair will come into its own.

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