My hair is now straight...

Guys, I REALLY need help. I don't know what happened to my hair, but it started growing in straight around this time last year...and now all of my hair is straight! Completely straight! For no reason! And I used to have 3b curls, so it's not like I had loose waves or anything for it to just suddenly straighten out. Seriously, how does a person's hair go from tight ringlets to limp and stick straight??? Ugh! The ONE thing I liked about me, my curls, is now gone.
Are you undergoing any other physical changes that could be effecting your curl pattern? And I don't mean that in some ominous way -- There are plenty of people who have reported changes in their curl pattern that apparently were related to something physical (normal and harmless) going on with them.

Have you asked your doctor about it? Outside of missing your beautiful 3b curls, I'm sure everything's fine. Guess it'd feel better just to know what the heck's going on though.
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it is probably physical. I had straight/wavy hair until puberty now I have 3b curls.
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is there any possibility you could be pregnant? jk... no but seriously. My mother (exact same hair as mine) went stick straight during her pregnancies, and only then. Also, one of my sisters who does not have curly hair, but relatively smooth w/ slight wave, had her hair go limp after starting new birth control. So obviously hormones in both cases were the cause.

hormones, hormones, hormones

come to think of it, my hair got really curly after puberty = more hormones.....
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My hair used to be pretty straight - that was before I found out that I have celiac disease which is an intolerance to gluten proteins in wheat, rye and barley - I think it was because my nutrition was not as good, it makes it hard to absorb nutrients from your food. If you recently changed your diet drastically (like going vegetarian after being a meat eater) you might notice a change in your hair. Mine went curly when I went gluten free and was getting better nutrition! Hormones, as the others mentioned could also play a part for sure, my hair was always wavier when I was pregnant
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I have celiac disease - no wheat please!
It does sound like you've got some health related stuff going on as others have mentioned...

Have you tried clarifying and doing a protein treatment or perhaps an epsom salt rinse? Maybe you have some kind of build up that's discouraging the curls?

Could your hair be growing out longer than it usually is?

Hope you find your curls soon!

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