desperately in need of 2nd day hair

I would love to get 2nd day hair with my saturday washngo's, but it never works well at all. my hair is too long for a satin bonnet and my auntie doesn't like for me to sleep with my hair all out so a silk pillow case isnt an option either. Also the pineapple thing doesnt work. Last night i divided my hair in half and made two jumbo twists, but this morning my hair was starting to take the shape of the jumbo twists and it didnt look right. im running out of options please help

oil:coconut oil and olive oil
everything else: in need of suggestions!
My wash n go's never hold til the next day either. The best I can do is pin down the front and loosely tie the rest back at the nape of my neck. In the morning I spritz. This only seems to work if I have no gel in my hair. If I have gel, the hair stays in the shape I put it in before bed e.g. Put it in a pineapple and it stay in a pineapple!!
I asked this question a couple of weeks ago and got sone good advice - I just haven't been able to buy the hair net/ scarf yet. I cant copy links on my phone, so search 'night time routine' and you should find the thread.
This always works for me always! Link is down below.

In the video she actually blowdries her hair straight and then twists it up. I don't do all that. I just do the twist with dry hair and pin it.

You can pretty much skip to :40 sec. I only make one big twist ON TOP of my head and pin it down in the back. Not only do I get more volume the next day, but my curls are more relaxed, not as straight though as seen in the video. You can even do this on the same day you wash your hair. When it's dry just twist it up for maybe an hour and open it up and shake your head.
It makes sleeping so much more stressfree because you never lay on your hair. Make sure the bobby pins don't tug your scalp. Great way to preserve hair!
Tell, me how it worked!
PERFECT HEATLESS natural looking curls! Tutorial - YouTube

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