So I'm starting to swim regularly like 3x a week, and i was just wondering what are some ideas to help protect my hair. Should I buy a clarifying shampoo to deal with the chlorine? Should I wash my hair afterwards or just slap some conditioner in there because it's really dry. Any ideas?
One of the curlies im subscribed to on youtube mentioned a cap that she really loves. Apparently its really great and keeps your hair pretty dry.

My Swim Cap

If you end up buying it, please post a review because im actually considering buying it myself so I can swim for exercise.
3c/4a, hooray!

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That swimcap looks pretty good!

Some problems I have when swimming are 1. the cap doesn't stay put and somehow inches up and off as it gets wet. 2. Even if it does stay on, water gets in up under the sides.

So, I use 2 swim caps and it seems to work well. Cut the top off of one and use it as if it were a headband. This creates a "seal". Then put the second one (do not cut) on top of the "headband" like a regular swim cap. This keeps the top dry and reinforces the sides.

One tip often given is to soak your hair in conditioner before swimming to protect it from the chlorine/salt water. The issue I've with that is once the hair is slippery with conditioner, the caps get wet on the inside and slip off.

Good luck!
Thanks guys. I really should buy a swim cap I guess
I quit using swimming caps because my hair always still ended up getting wet and it always seemed to slip off or it held onto my hair or forehead too tightly. I'm on a swimming squad and I used to swim 3x a week. Now, I swim on Fridays and I might be swimming on Saturdays too soon. *sigh* I might see if I can get the swim cap you talked about, maybe that'll work, but I don't really like things over my hair, oh well, it's for the best.

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