Please help with my "frizz-out"!!

So today, I tried my first twist-out. One word...

It was a disaster!!!

It is a frizzy mess! I didn't expect it to come out perfectly the first time, but I really didn't expect it to literally blow up. I flat-twisted the front and only two-strand twisted the back...just in case the worst happened, but even the front is a mess!

I think it frizzed so badly because I don't have enough hold in the products I'm using. My hair is really soft and doesn't take kindly to styling products "telling it what to do" LOL! I had this problem when my hair was relaxed too. Very few products would "hold" my hair without making it brick hard. My hair would just "suck them right up!"

So please tell me, what are you guys using to hold your twist-outs? I used only my leave-in and Eco-styler gel this time and apparently that was not enough! lol! Any and all suggestions are more than welcome! TIA!

My Fotki

Type: 3b/c
Texture: Fine; Porosity: Normal
Co-Wash: HE Hello Hydration-daily
DT: Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask and Restorative Hair Mask- alternating weekly
LI: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or Juicy Green Apple
Hello there

Personally I don't do twist outs because my hair does not agree with it at all. Not only that but I don't like the way it looks on me at all, probably cause my hair is still pretty short.
But anyways, when I did do twist outs I use Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue on each section and sealed with an oil on the ends. The hold was pretty good frizz was barely there, but like I said before I just didn't like the look on me.

Hope that helped!
Transition to natural:5.1.10-8.1.11
Natural since 8.1.11 <3
Hair Type: 4a all around and alittle 3c on top
Someone needs to explain to me why one side of my hair curls and the other side is struggling! LOL

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