Protein Sensitive or Wrong Products?

My hair is 3b/3c and lately I can't get it to hold style. It feels soft and moisturized, but the ends are knotting and it frizzes at the slightest hint of humidity. I can only get good curl definition after a clarifying wash or DC. Once I go outside, forget it. Right now I'm using Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancer and Confixor (just found out this is protein rich).
I'm not familiar with those products because I can't afford them, but have you tried the Target Goddess Curls Gel? If you put it in while your hair is wet, after your leave-in, it may provide some definition. But you're gonna have to determine how much you need because me, I need A LOT.
....but it works.
I've never seen that product before. I forgot to mention that my hair is also pretty fine.
Those are both products with little or no hold so maybe you just need heavier products.
Blame it on the cell phone...
My hair is fine as well and the first two times I used this gel it didn't do anything (on dry hair) but when I used it right after my leave in it definitely held my curls together. I'm sure there are other gels out there with muuuch more hold but i just dig the ingredients.
If it's all about the ends though,just give 'em extra love with an oil (coconut, or if its as dry as you say, castor) and your fingers.Make sure your hair is wet though....some oils don't cooperate with dry hair.

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