(NOT be racially insensitive!!!) White people hair in need of help!

So I definitely have 3c kinky curls and I think I manage them pretty good(when they are acting nice ). I still need help on moisture though. I deep condition every week and I have a leave in. Should I look into humectants? My hair gets wirey and stringy as the day goes on. Also, has anyone come across a good way to raise the chances of good second day hair. I wake up and I see hair sticking everywhere, frizzed out curls at every angle, and even some formation of dreads!!
sounds like my hair ... I need to tame the frizz!
3b/C with nicer curls on the bottom!
Hair: naturally very dry and VERY porous
hair seems to be moody.
Does not seem to like oils
Does not like protein or too much?
Does not like rich products

So, I ask myself. What does it like? That is the question, and I'm on a mission.
Well, you dont need to worry about anything race related. XD Plenty of people of all races end up with 3c hair!

If I were you, I'd ease up on the heavier leave in's. You might be over moisturizing, thus the wirey/stringiness.
when i wake up i put same condish through my hair, and wet it a bit, then i scrunch a bit of argan oil through it, i can save any bad hair day to a good one this way

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
I recently figured out I was protein sensitive. Check your ingredients and try cutting out anything with protein in it. Wheat, keratin, soy, silk, oats, or anything with the word hydrologized. If this works then that might be the problem.

Not everyone is sensitive to all proteins, but once the are cut out you can add one type of protein back to your regime at a time and see which one is the culprit. It may be one, two, or all. HTH

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Also try using a satin bonnet at night to help with aiding the second day hair.
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What do you do with your hair at night to begin with? Is it up in a pony tail or braids? That might help you get 2nd day hair. Also if your hair is drying out during the day you may want to refresh with water and some condish/styler, or start off the day with a more moisturizing set of products.
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My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)
What everyone just said ... plus sleeping on a satin pillow at night, which may or may not work as an alternative sleeping with a bonnet.

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