How do I keep hair back from my face without pins or clips?

I usually air dry, then bobby pin, clip or headband my hair back from my face. It's so thick it just falls forward, even with a lot of product. Any tips on how to keep it back without pinning or clipping? Thanks
After I apply my gel, I clip my hair then diffuse or air dry. When completely dry, I take out the clips and scrunch out any crunch. My hair tends to stay back if that's how I clipped it. But my hair is fairly fine. This may not work as well on thick, heavy hair.
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I'm interested in this answer, too. Even when I finally began to accept my curls, I always pulled back the top half into a half-pony tail, for the main purpose of keeping those annoying curl-clods from flopping into my face. Add in the fact that back then, before CG, my hair was frizzy and the little frizzy pieces would play peek-aboo and catch-me-if-you-can on my face. The curl-clods and the frizz pieces would also get caught on the edges of my glasses. In the act of trying to flip my hair back (or manually grabbing them with my hands), I'd get more and more frustrated, and I eventually discovered that when I flip my hair back, I hold my breath, so then I eventually start breathing faster and even sweating (which makes the hair stick to my face even more). Thus, the half-ponytail. I hated the style (still do), but it makes my life bliss, so I rarely left the house without my trusty hair clip.

But with this new conversion, I'm trying to keep my hair down as much as possible. Now, I've only been at it for less than 2 weeks, but I feel like it's easier keeping the hair off my face. Maybe part of it is the styling products, which dried and kept my hair at the root in a certain pattern/shape. Or maybe it's less frizz: the curls staying in their specific shape and less inclined to go their own ways. Or maybe my new glasses (as of a year ago) aren't as jagged or pointy-edged as my old pair, and less inclined to "catch" random hairs.

But any tips are always welcome. I can't stress enough how much I loathe hair flopping into my face. Especially if you work in a job as a cashier and constantly have to look DOWN.
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how about braiding the "annoying" parts? i normaly have a middle part, but lately i want to get my part on the left side so ive been french braiding my hair on that side so that when i wake up my hair has been there the whole night. hair has a memory thats y it somtimes takes awhile to get it to do wat you want. i find french braiding great, i just tought myself how to do it im not that good but practise practise practise!!!

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