I can't go to work with wet hair. But is sleep on a satin pillowcase with my hair having had deep conditioner, no-poo and leaving in conditioner. But I wake up with bedhead and when I put it up it looks even frizzier and sloppier than when down. I can't wear my hair down at work.
Have you tried covering your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf? I cant wear my hair down at work either. So at night i put my hair in a bun using twist pins then cover with a satin scarf, not to tight, just to keep the frizz down. just sleeping on a satin pillow case doesnt work for me.
Hi, I think I might have a solution.After washing your hair put in leave in conditioner and some gel.After, let it air dry.If you wash you hair at night, then you can let it dry till damp then do the pineapple and sleep on a satin pillowcase

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