New to this site 3c?? do you agree?

Hi! i just recently decided to stop perming my hair! My last perm was about 6 months ago mayby a lil longer. Am I right by saying my hair is 3c/4a? I ussually perm my hair twice or 3 times a year. I can ussually flat iron my hair straight but it will only last a week or so, being that I live in FL.. it is very hot and humid not helpful in my transition but ill make it work...
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looks more 3a 3b with some straight pieces in there. is this your natural texture or is your hair permed?
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I think to get a reasonably accurate assessment you should have absolutely no permed/processed hair left on your head. Did you BC at any point? If this is all your hair in its natural state now, with no parts of your hair still permed, then I think Michael is right in seeing something in the "3b" range, with other types mixed in.

But if you still are growing out the perm (even partially) then I'd probably wait until you've cut the perm out completely, either gradually or via BC, before you can accurately type it.

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