More curly on the right than the left

why is it that one side of my hair is noticably more curly than the other only on the ends. Any ideas why or what I can do to make the left ends curl like the right side. I added a picture but I'm not sure if u can tell what I'm talking about.
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I'm not a 3 but 2b and have the same problem only the opposite side, my left side is noticeably much wavier and well better looking than on the right..

Saying that I have a mad habit of twisting my hair and putting it on my left side so when I have it out the right side looks weird .. if that makes sense.. perhaps you might spend more time on your right side than left.. ??
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I had the same problem too.. My left side looked worst than the right side. and the ends of the left side were straight..
so I made a topic too.. and I decided to cut my straight ends, and it looks better now. =D
I'm not sure why it happened though... hope this helps u!
woow i thought i was the only crazy one this this prob! ive been trying to encourage to part and sit where i want; that is bangs on the right side whats the hair on my crown back, so ive got more hair on my right side but trying to make it go on the left, that make sense? hair has a memory and it takes awhile to change it when its used to one way, so im trying to change it, (so for being confusing ! LOL)
and ive noticed that on my left side i have lovely curls, nice defintion and everything, but on my right side its a bit fizzy and just not as nice......

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I have the same problem, more curl/wave on the right side. Could it have anything to do with being left-or right-handed? I am right-handed.

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Thanks everyone! Well at least I'm not the only one going crazy about this lol.

@tiama-I don't really spend too much time on my hair in general lol I kinda have a quick routine because I'm always late and that would just make it worse...maybe I SHOULD spend more time lol.

@mari-I don't want to cut it tho its finally growing out and if they were damaged id do it in a heart beat but the ends aren't split,thinning etc. They look healthy...but not curly -__- ill give them a little time to get it together and if they still aren't curly ill probably get frustrated and chop em off haha.

Maybe the left just wants to be unique...

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