How To Prevent Seperating My Curls When Applying Products?

I have this problem of accidentally seperating my curls into smaller ringlets when I apply products after a wash.

Now don't get me wrong, smaller curls are nice but when I'm done with my hair it looks like a big jerry curl afro!

Is there a way that I can keep my spiral curls together while I'm applying products or am I doomed to a jerry curl forever?
I sometimes scrunch a little bit of water back in after I apply my gel (I also use the supersoaker method, but I end up doing leave-in, aloe vera gel+oil, water scrunch, gel, water scrunch again, plop), which gives me back some clumps. I haven't done it lately because I need more volume then clumps now (specially in the back) - but it worked well for me.

I don't know how to keep the clumps when applying gel though - other then don't rake your hands through your hair. I find some separation inevitable.
Maybe after applying your products you could wet your hair a little bit and then hold the ends of your hair together like you were wringing out a wet towel. That could encourage clumping.
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Water will clump curls after applying styler. don't rake, smooth styler. if you must rake smooth after raking. then stick your head under shower. a spritz bottle isn't enough. allow the product and water to marinate for 15 minutes or so. at this point you can plop if you do that or blot excess water if you don't.
water will clump your hair back together again.
  • After combing through my conditioner in the shower, I braid (sometimes twist) my hair in 4 sections.
  • Then after other shower rituals, I rinse my hair with the braids in it. (I don't squeeze out).
  • To style, I gently separate each braid and smooth a leave in, then my gel.
This gives me a little looser curl and great clumps.
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have you ever heard of the rake and shake? its a ouidad technique! if u havent look it up its great to get big/clumpier curls!!

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Smooth the product in opposed to can do a lil raking 1st to make sure the product is evenly distributed, but the smoothing is what will make your hair clump...
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