i have lost my 3a hair to less than a 2 help!

Hello ok when I was looking at pictures of me when I was younger I had lovely spiral curles and when I started school at 3 everyone had lovely straight long thick hair and I hayed mine I used to cryif my mam never straightend it I was addicted to a straightner now i am 15 I want my spirals back when i come out of the shower I let it airdry but it is less than 2a and beside my ears there is a few strands of hair that go spiral curly but i want it all curly so I dont have to spend ages straightening it i jave broken my straightners and have not been straightening my hair for a month please help !
Try some curl reactivators. recoil by ag is good

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Avoid any products that are 'straightners' and more curl making products. Try going on the curly girl method. Keep trying!! Don't lose hope

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