Help with my worsening hair texture?

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Hello I was wondering if anyone has any tips (preferably with personal success) for getting softer/healthier hair? I'm mixed race and have really curly hair that seems seems to have gotten a lot coarser over the past few years.

Also any tips on looking after and stimulating healthy new hair growth would be great. I had it cut short in October last year and it has grown but the growth seems to have slowed down alot. I don't think it's my ends breaking off because I nearly always wear my hair in a protective style and only brush it once a week. Also, i've never bleached, dyed or relaxed it; it's been straightened twice ever and I haven't blow-dried it in months, when I did it was rarely.

Thank you to anyone that can help me!

Approximate length of hair in Oct 2010 (this is actually a haircut from several years ago - excuse the horrible parting and bad hair condition - but it was pretty much the same length):

Hair today:
well i only use natural things in my hair, but my hair loves oil, i think that if you use argan, jojoba or coconut oil it might soften your hair.
also try herbal rinses, nettle, marshmallow root and rosemary are all great in softing and giveing your hair a nice over al shine if you cut yours so short last year, you've gotten AMAZING growth in just 12 months btw

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
Try deep conditioning it once a week.

Also when you wash it, after you detangle, use a leave in and then seal with an oil. That may help the condition of your hair. It'll feel and look softer.
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Ummm....I'm sorry your hair looks beautiful to me and I don't see anything wrong...
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Love you curls!!

I would suggest Henna, mixed with warm coconut milk. Every 2-3 weeks, Followed my a Deep moisture Treatment. Its worked wonders for my sister's Hair. Once I started doing it for her, our whole family cant believe how sliky her hair is now!

Your hair may need more protein, because chemicals strip the protien bonds in our hair and make it rough. Try a protien treatment, like full fat plain yogurt, or try Aubery Organics GPB conditioner.

As far as grow Aids, I had success with MSM powder. I bought it from or vitamshoppe has it too. I just took a spray bottle and added 1tbs to my water mix and spritz my hair with it. Good stuff!

Hope this helps
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+1 on the henna treatments.

I tried henna a few years ago and didn't like it. I tried again a few months ago and I got much better results this go-round. It's transforming my hair.. it's stronger, soft, and able to resist damage from manipulation. I have to mix up a batch tonight so I can do my henna this weekend.
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My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)
i love your hair!
i found that it helped getting rid with sulphates and dcing once a week.
Curly Beautys
I've been using jojoba oil in my hair the night b4 I wash it which I find helps with dryness

I actually tried a vinegar rinse (cldnt find any apple cider vinegar) after shampooing today & this is the softest my hair has ever felt. Search the forum for more info on it.
Your hair is beautiful!

Could you tell us what you do to your hair exactly because it would probably be easier to help if we know what sort of products you use in your hair.

Also..Could you tell us your porosity ? You said your hair "seems to be getting coarser". What do you mean ? Do you mean your hair just feels rougher ? Or do you actually mean you feel that your hair strands seem thicker ?

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