Any 3Bs out there using the K-C line?

I've been very frustrated with my hair lately and am looking for a new regimen. I just watched the video on the KC website and it seems pretty convincing. Plus I've spent an entire afternoon reading on this site. I'd like to hear from some of my fellow curly girls on here to see if anyone is using all or some combination of the KC line and how it works for you? My hair is dry and frizzy, and the curls really shrink up and get kinky around the nape of my neck. I'm too old for ringlets! Lately it just really lacks definition. I've recently had to start coloring my hair to cover the gray, so maybe it's just fighting back.

So please, if you would, share your personal stories with this product line ... good or bad. Thanks!
I just found another thread that had enough negative comments that I don't believe I will be purchasing this anytime soon. The search is still on......
i use it on my daughter, she has 3 a/b curls and it's really been the only products that consistently work for her hair. she uses knot today and the curling custard. i had tried their products before she was even born and was a fan of the curling custard. it wasn't until i started lurking on the 3a forum looking for products for her that i got the idea to revisit this stuff.
I am really liking the KC Knot Today leave-in. It makes my hair very soft to the touch. I am not so thrilled with the KC Curling Custard.
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I use everything but the spritz. I've been using the line for about four years, and it's been pretty consistently good for me.

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I have used almost all the KC products for about a year. Knot Today is a great leave in & I wouldn't use the custard without it. The custard doesn't distribute in hair well without it. Custard works best for me if my hair is wet when applied then I use t shirt to scrunch hair. Hair does dry crunchy but touching hair a little gets rid of this. Spiral Curls is great for second day hair or if you want lighter hold. The only product I didn't care for was the pomade. Too greasy for my hair
I like the kckt but not the kccc. I don't like gels but thought I'd give it a go. Big mistake...made my hair super hard and crunchy. I tried to use an oil to sotc (didn't work) and then tried some conditioner. Had to cowash and start over that day. So needless to say kccc just sits under my sink.

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I have used both KCKT and KCCC. I have 3b/corkecilli, fine hair. KCKT makes my hair WAY too soft and KCCC is just ok for my hair, not anything the WOWS me, plus its just to expensive for my budget. So far in the winter I am liking Aussie 3 minute miracle and a heavier gel and some Shea Moisture smoothie on my ends. Hope this helps...

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