What Flat Iron Temp. Setting is Good for 3c hair?

Hello~ So I'm new to the forum (new to forums in general), and I was wondering if anyone here knows the appropriate temperature for straightening hair with a flat iron. I had a Diamond Pro ceramic, and I never had any problems with my hair as far as I can remember. I think the hottest it got up to was 419F, but I never went into the 400s. Because I couldn't find the Diamond one I had, I settled for a flat iron called Suji Pro ceramic tourmaline ionic straightener (I honestly have no idea what any of that means), and the temperature goes up to a whopping 450F. I have no clue why it can get that hot, but I use the two lowest settings; 356 & 392. I'm sure it's the same settings I used on my Diamond, but for some reason the Suji seems a bit strong as my hair takes a longer while to get back to curly. Here is a pic of my ponytail...I'm pretty sure I'm a 3c;

If I go lower, I don't get the same results, and what sucks about this flat iron is that it doesn't have a dial where you can go between 356 & 392. I'm guessing 370F is a good temperature, but I'm not sure since I don't remember what setting I used on my old flat iron.
I have a knock off CHI iron I got from Sally's. The dial goes all the way to 420 degrees I turn it down just I little so probably close to 370 like you said. The best advise I can give is put it on whatever setting gets your hair straight without smoke and giving your hair that burned smell. And definately use some kind of heat protectant.

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